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Vivo X Note Hands-On + OriginOS Overview -- 7-inch Screen!

Vivo's X Note is a 7-inch phablet that's very similar to the excellent Vivo X70 Pro Plus. I give it a quick test with a focus on OriginOS.

Thanks to Trinity Electronics for loaning me the device. If you want to import the phone, Trinity ships to many countries around the world. Can reach them via Facebook chat at facebook.com/trinityelectronic

0:00 - intro
0:45 - the 7-inch screen
1:42 - OriginOS overview
5:28 - short camera test and hardware overview
NMM : His one of the asian tech reviewer who always review all the fresh and latest in tech world. We will continue to support you!.
M N : thanks Ben! waiting for your X Fold review and hopefully the X80 Pro Plus will be released by the end of April
James Hoey : Thank you for your reviews always concise and informative
Love from Ireland
Qrvishon : Noone mention about separate notification bar and "comand center"(as Huawei call it) yet you do. And you say how and if it could be changed. This is really important due to using only one hand. That's why your reviews are so good, cause you think about real user experiance.
Susan Chimariya : Fastest reviewer currently...Amazing!!!

vivo X Note 评测:一块巨大屏幕能带来哪些改变?

leonardohouse : 国产手机千篇一律的正面,奇形怪状的背面
Danny : Excelente review, muy completo y que hermoso equipo. Saludos desde México
阿光 : 很喜歡你的結論,的確做出差異化的產品才能釣起數碼愛好者的興趣
chunchuen CHONG : 这手机真的很有意思,只是体積是有点大而矣。 可惜作為一本「Note」卻偏偏欠了一支筆! 三星的S22 Ultra就是全靠这支神筆而令到身价提升。
Hao Zhang : 屏幕尺寸如果继续变大下去,ipad mini变成iphone pro max ultra指日可待了

这么大!它行不行?vivo X Note零售版影像能力真实测评:色彩调教大变,人像优势缩小,录像继续拉胯

这可能是全网第一个专门针对vivo X Note零售版影像能力的深入测评!


内容其实还有一半,请期待下期:荣耀magic4 pro零售版影像测评,vivo X Note还会出场的!
Tommy Huang : 感謝美女辣媽解毒,x50 pro 繼續用。沒看出來新的 Vivo 大幅進步。 話說微雲台真的很廢,開始考慮 S22 ultra
青云衣 : 防抖用手机云台。60倍数码变焦本来就是放大图片,像素没有任何改变也就不期望。至于美颜,我一大老爷们从来不用那玩意,拍出来的照片能把自己恶心到,大不了ps。重点要不是这手机是厂家送的,我才不会买……自从通知我要给我寄台12+256的note,我就到处看评测视频,难得见到这种不恰饭的。赞!
Wang : 晚媽也太美了!❤❤❤
spinky chou : 大,肯定行!
袁冶 : 这不是个游戏手机吗




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