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How a 10-Year-Old Boy Was Forced To Join Isis | Investigators

How did a family from Indiana end up in the heart of the ISIS caliphate? And how did a 10-year-old American boy end up being forced to build a suicide vest for ISIS propaganda?

Josh Baker from the BBC investigates the shocking story of Samantha Sally and her son Matthew. Baker recalls how he tracked them down in Syria, and asks whether Sam was tricked into going by her husband Moussa, or whether she went willingly.

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VICE News : WATCH MORE: This could be one of the world’s most sophisticated catfishing scams. -

KB : I can’t imagine the trauma this kid has been through and the time and work it will take to undo it. What an incredibly strong kid, hope he’s able to live a fulfilling life.
Candie Disilvio : I listened to a podcast about this story and it was unbelievable everything that this poor kid went through. I’m so glad at the end of everything he came back home to his father. The tenacity of this reporter to follow through and follow up on the story was unparalleled. Great job and even better reporting
Ivar Sandin : proper journalist who actually tries to verify info that he reports
JustAnotherCryptoMiner : It's absolutely disgusting that anyone could treat someone they care about like this.

Joyner Lucas ft. Logic - ISIS (ADHD)

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James Lewis-williams : How am I gonna explain to people why ISIS and homicide is in my search history
nathan martinez : There are not words to describe how hard logic went on this song
Garry G React and Rap : So no one is gon talk about how clean that beat is
Coldoroki : “Double homicide, kill the beat and the verses” still gets me
Lange Palumbo : Honestly ADHD is the most underrated project of 21st century, every song is heat

조이너 루카스(Joyner Lucas) - Isis (Feat. Logic 로직) [가사/해석/한국어 자막]

가사 해석 전체 보기 :\u0026wr_id=79

가사 해석 / HIPHOPPLAYA 박석찬

* 가사 해석 자료는 상업적 이용을 제외하고 출처를 밝혀주시고 자유롭게 사용하실 수 있습니다.
음어어왜 : Joyner 많이 사랑해주세요 ㅠㅠ 진짜 지금 외힙 씬에서 손에 꼽을만하다고 생각하는데 인지도가 너무 ㅠㅠ
빠니보틀니Pani Bottleni : 로직이 너무 잘어울린다. 그리고 Lucky you에서도 그렇고 루카스좀 떴으면 좋겠다 우리나라에서
박성진 : 로직형 ㅈㄴ 좋아 은퇴한건 아쉽지만 활동을 아예 안한다고 하지않았으니... 가끔씩 공연해주길...
224 : 로직 파트 진짜 좋네요 미쳤다
이정호 : 미친거아니야?? ㄷㄷ 간지쩌네




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