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When Men Lied About Their Height Was Caught on the Spot...当路人谎报身高被当场拆穿,原来男生都这么在意身高!

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HakaishinGod : Ni los mide bien, jajaja
蔡韋傑 : 北七這樣量根本不準
Jean-Marc Bou : J'ai 20 ans je mesure 1,72 m je pèse 55 kg et je chausse du 43 EU
Yap Hao : My height 1.69
My female friend height 1.57, and her boyfriend 1.85
Micheal Sudan : As someone who studied physical therapy that's not how you measure height.

Is 179cm too tall in Japan? What height is the ideal man's height for Japanese women?

Hi my name is Santi and I start a radio vlog on my channel. Hope you enjoy.

If you have any question about Japan, Japanese culture, or anything else, please leave comments :)



-Sant's career
-MBA from Trinity College Dublin
-Bachelor’s degree from State University of New York at Buffalo
-Tried start up twice in NY and Dublin
-Former Emirates airline crew
-Had a class at Chukyo University as lecturer for two years
-Doing consulting for product development and being lecturer at major corporations teaching cross cultural communication, critical thinking, presentation skill etc besides YouTube activity

If you have any topic you want me to cover, please leave a comment! I might pick and make a video for you! OR, if you need talk to me ASAP to have my answer, here is the option ↓
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Alexander Oliveira : I am 1m92 tall, my sister is 1m79 and she wears 12.7 and 13 cm high heels and is the same height as me.
I weigh 88 kg and she weighs 66 kg.
Alexander Oliveira : and you have a great voice for making ASMR videos. ☺️
Yujiro Yujiro : いつも興味深い動画をありがとうございます!
How Why : Me 180 cm. Years ago in Japanese in-laws home in Tokyo, got up in the middle of the night - didn't turn lights on and hit my forehead on the low horizontal wood beam on route to the bathroom. After shouting obscenities and waking up in-laws, learned to keep my head down in Japanese homes.
Beshyrexpop Ttrixx98 : What's a nice height for a man

179cm 헤더 머신? 포항의 송스타가 되기까지! 포항 송민규 공격포인트 모음 | Song Min Kyu #오늘의K리그

#K리그 #포항스틸러스 #송민규
충청도 출신 99년생 영건, 포항의 송스타가 되다!

⚽오늘, 놓쳐선 안 될 축구 소식! (더보기)

축구팬의 완소앱, [오늘의 해외축구] \u0026 [오늘의 K리그]
Gerrard St : 멋짐폭발
오늘의 축구 : 오늘 밤 8시, 스리랑카전에서 태극마크 달고 A매치 데뷔전을 치르는 송민규 선수를 볼 수 있을까요?
박찬희 : ㅅㅅㅌ
박승현 : 다재다능한 선수네요
태정태세문단속 : 손흥민을 이어갈 송민규 ㅎㅎㅎ 잘 성장했으면!




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