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CLX-3175WK - Home Sensor Error

My laser printer CLX-3175WK report "Home Sensor Error".
This is a root cause of this error for my case.

How to Fix Ghosting Printing on a Samsung CLX-3175 (and many others) • ITB Repair/Replacement!

In this video, I'll perform a repair on a Samsung CLX-3175. The process is very similar if not identical to other models such as the CLP-310, CLP-315, CLP-320, CLP-325, CLX-3170, CLX-3180, and CLX-3185.

The ghosting repair involves a fix on the ITB (Imaging Transfer Belt).
I'm going to show you an easy but more expensive fix (replace the whole ITB) and a cheaper but more difficult fix (replace only the cleaning blade inside the ITB).

If you would like to try replacing the cleaning blade inside the ITB, here you can find the ↓ Tools and things needed ↓
- Phillips Screwdriver
- Spring hook (Not necessary but suggested)
- Cleaning Blade

I would like to thank so much once again HowImetYourCat for giving me this little tripod I used to record the repair on the ITB!

If you have any questions about the repair, feel free to leave a comment and I'll reply as soon as possible!

100% not requested and totally up to you, but if I've made you save some money fixing your own printer, or you'd like to support my channel in general you could consider donating any amount you want here: Thank you so much in any case.
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Stacy Hackney : Thank you for the video. I have a question, but first some backstory. I am being victimized by my government, I've been harassed for many years. I've tried to understand the harassment enough to consider writing a book detailing it but because of my health problems, and not understanding the reason for the harassment for many years, it took me a very long time to grasp how my quality of life has been destroyed, much less understand the strategies used to harm me. The harassment made no sense to me, and being unwell, I didn't know how to explain it. Recently, I've developed a new health problem, bleeding when I'm not supposed to be. The new symptom indicates to me that I should try writing the book sooner rather than later, in the hopes that innocent people might be able to protect themselves from racist or predatory governments. I am a middle age, disabled African American woman. I have no working computer. I am typing on my smart phone and I'm positive it's being monitored, as is my mail from the post office and some products delivered by delivery services like UPS, etc. (some packages arrive open). I am innocent of a crime, my government knows this but does not care. My best guess is I have been placed on an antiterrorist watch list because I opposed our initiation of the Iraq War. That's the only thing I can figure that I've said or done that could possibly put me on an antiterrorist watch list. The harassment is ongoing. I have not much money, my sole source of income is social security disability. Because I was hacked many times on my old computer, by people I believe were government hackers, and I got sick in 2010, right before smart phones and the new technology exploded onto the scene, I am not tech savvy. I know how to type, I used to be a legal word processor and a legal secretary before I became ill. I'm currently writing my first draft of my story using pen and paper. I'm trying to find affordable, off line typing and printing systems that will allow me to write my book without fear that hackers will corrupt my file or delete it. I'm considering older technologies, or some that are more fringe (alphasmart, a electronic typewriter w/floppy drive, a Japanese product that lets me save to an sd card). I don't have the money to have a bespoke offline computer/printer system built, if such a thing is even possible. Because I don't understand how the internet works, yet have been hacked multiple times, I'm unsure what to do but know that a computer would allow easy access to hackers. My question is, are there printers, preferably affordable ones, that allow printing from a disk or sd card or some other external source, where the printer doesn't require an internet hookup? At some point I will publish my ebook and of course the government will have access to it. But before I publish my book, I need a safe way to actually write it, where it can't be accessed by hackers.Thank you for any suggestions.
Lutong Nanay : hi i have a question sir. how can i change the language settings on my clx 3175 printer? the language displayed is korean and we cant use it for we dont understand. thank you in advance
Robert Velkovski : awesome !
Jaime Regatieri : Hello. My printer's cleaning blade has taken off. Can I stick it?

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