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BHM 06- Prawdziwi

BHM 2004

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Your name Is my name : I searched hf
ZrampageZ : The Skeleton Army card is unlocked from the Bone Pit (Arena 2). It spawns 15 single-target, melee Skeletons with very low hitpoints and low damage, with an overall extremely high damage per second. A Skeleton Army card costs 3 Elixir to deploy.


Due to their high numbers and overall very high DPS, the Skeleton Army is very effective against single target enemy troops and building targeting troops such as the P.E.K.K.A., Prince or Giant.

Another benefit is the Skeleton Army's low cost of 3 Elixir, making it a very versatile card that can give the player an Elixir advantage in almost any case.

Although they have low health individually, their sheer numbers allow for them to be effective at blocking most troops and siege buildings. This can even work for air troops, such as the Inferno Dragon due to the fact that the Skeleton Army can stall and pull the Inferno Dragon away from the tower, giving the tower a chance to destroy the Inferno Dragon.

While being powerful in numbers, they are very weak against splash damage and spells; most area damage units will be able to take out the whole swarm without losing health. Low cost spells are also effective at taking the swarm out efficiently.

Despite their area damage weakness, the Skeleton Army is capable of countering directional area damage troops like a Wizard or Bomber. For this to work, the Skeleton Army must be placed directly on top of the unit, surrounding it and overwhelming their area damage before the swarm is defeated. The player must also have the assistance of a Crown Tower to damage down the troop, as otherwise there is a chance the Skeletons could clump up in such a way that the troop could eliminate them all before being defeated.

The Skeleton Army can bait the opponent into using their area damage spell, allowing the player to use other high DPS swarms such as Goblin Gang safely. However, unlike the Goblin Gang, the Skeleton Army can be fully countered by a wider range of spells. As such, they may not the most effective at baiting out the desired spell, such as The Log, if they have more than one.

Other swarm troops such as Barbarians and Minion Horde may be more favorable as a substitute, as they have higher hitpoints compared to the Skeleton Army. However, they also have a heavier Elixir cost, which does make them more committal but also makes them more enticing for the opponent to use a higher cost spell like Fireball on them, allowing other spell-vulnerable cards in the player's deck to thrive.

Poison and Fireball are a negative Elixir trade but do counter the Skeleton Army effectively.

The Barbarian Barrel can not only counter the Skeleton Army for a positive Elixir trade but also force out a response from the opponent. If the barrel is played right at the river, the Barbarian that spawns will get two hits on the tower left unattended, allowing for valuable chip damage.

The Skeleton Army is not recommended to be used offensively, as they can be easily wiped out with spells such as Arrows. However, if the opponent's cheap spell is out of rotation, this play may force non-efficient counters out of their hand, as if the Skeleton Army manages to lock on to a Crown Tower, they will deal extremely high damage to or even destroy it.

Their high count allows them to be played in the center or behind the player's King's Tower to cover both lanes. This often entirely deters the opponent from immediately attacking, as they will only be able to spell down half of the swarm with one push.

The Skeleton Army is quite effective with Clone to overwhelm your opponent when their proper counters are not in rotation.

Using a Rage on the Skeleton Army makes it a huge threat since they already move quite fast and deal high damage per second. Mirroring or Cloning the Skeleton Army gives a huge numbers advantage. However, trying either of these strategies is very risky, as a splash unit or a spell can wipe it out for a positive Elixir trade. In double Elixir, the impact of failing this strategy is reduced because of the faster Elixir generation rate.

An Ice Golem is able to eliminate the entire Skeleton Army with its death damage when equally leveled for a positive Elixir trade.
Kauf Frau : This came up out of nowhere... love the dance moves! Wish I could understand the lyrics so I could sing along. CC is disabled!
Portal : "Mom I want to go see the alien movie!"
Mom: "No honey we have the alien movie at home."
the alien movie at home:
nugget Squad! : This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life

✔문득 싸이월드가 그리울때 l 싸이월드 감성 BGM 노래모음 미니홈피

본 영상의 수익은 원곡자에게 돌아갑니다
준플리 : 00:00:01 양정승-밤하늘의 별을
00:03:43 린-사랑했잖아
00:07:43 노을-청혼
00:12:11 에이트-심장이없어
00:15:42 백지영-사랑안해
00:19:55 h-잊었니
00:23:49 나비-잘 된 일이야
00:27:41 Bgh To-솜사탕
00:30:50 에픽하이-Fly
00:34:11 FT아일랜드-사랑앓이
00:38:12 MC Sniper-BK Love
00:42:34 윤미래-Memories
00:46:47 프리스타일-Y
00:51:24 IZI-응급실
00:55:08 브라운아이즈-벌써 일년
00:58:36 SG워너비-Timeless
01:02:30 쿨-아로하
01:06:55 윤도현-사랑했나봐
01:10:51 키네틱 플로우-몽환의 숲
01:14:55 MC몽-너에게 쓰는 편지
01:18:24 휘성-가슴 시린 이야기
01:21:44 양파-사랑...그게 뭔데
01:25:40 더 넛츠-사랑의 바보
01:29:57 러브홀릭-Loveholic
01:33:37 Sweet box-Life is cool
01:36:25 옴므-밥만 잘 먹더라
01:40:10 MC몽-아이스크림
01:43:44 박명수-바보에게 바보가
01:47:46 SS501-내 머리가 나빠서
01:52:05 에픽하이-우산
01:56:59 테이-같은 베개
02:01:23 린-곰인형
02:04:49 지아-수호천사
02:08:26 아이비-이럴거면
02:12:18 휘성-사랑..그 몹쓸병
02:16:21 이승기-사랑이 술을 가르쳐
02:19:50 장나라-나도 여자랍니다
02:24:09 박봄-You and I
02:28:02 Ne-Yo-So Sick
02:31:33 하하-키작은 꼬마 이야기
02:35:02 MC몽-죽을만큼 아파서
02:39:32 팀-사랑합니다
02:43:20 자우림-17171771
02:46:19 린-통화 연결음
02:50:52 김형중-그녀가 웃잖아
02:55:20 나몰라 패밀리-너만 볼래
02:59:04 프리스타일-수취인불명
03:03:05 황정음-N Time
03:06:02 넬-기억을 걷는 시간
03:11:13 엠투엠-여보야
03:14:46 이승기-삭제
03:18:59 가인-내가 웃고있어요
03:23:20 이루-흰눈
03:27:17 엠투엠-세 글자
03:31:09 Miss S-이 나이 먹고 뭐했길래
03:35:22 긱스-Officially Missing You
03:38:54 태사비애-내 사랑
03:42:04 장연주-Something Special
03:45:35 이안-물고기자리
03:49:46 요조-좋아해
03:53:36 디셈버-배운게 사랑이라
03:57:30 임현정-사랑은 봄비처럼 이별은 가을비처럼
04:02:11 원티드-발작
04:10:10 이기찬-또 한번 사랑은 가고
04:14:27 아이유-미아
04:18:10 버블시스터즈-애원
04:22:25 테이크-나비무덤
04:26:55 루그-죄
04:31:21 도원경-다시 사랑한다면
04:35:28 일락-편한 사람이 생겼어
04:39:39 싸이-낙원
04:43:19 박화요비-Lie
04:47:52 박지헌-보고싶은날엔
04:51:22 마골피-비행소녀
04:56:01 팀-고마웠다고
04:59:48 싸이-벌써 이렇게
05:03:07 Jason Mraz-I'm Yours
05:07:09 리쌍-헤어지지 못하는 여자,떠나가지 못하는 남자
05:11:54 보아-아틀란티스 소녀
05:15:38 동방신기-포옹
05:19:25 원투-못된여자
05:23:07 다이나믹듀오-죽일놈
05:26:53 빅뱅-천국
05:30:46 슈퍼주니어-Miracle
05:33:44 비-안녕이란 말 대신
05:37:26 FT아일랜드-사랑하는 법을 몰라서
05:43:03 이석훈-그대를 사랑하는 10가지 이유
05:47:17 윤하-오늘 헤어졌어요
05:51:37 버즈-은인
05:56:02 씨야-사랑의 인사
06:00:36 MC몽-I Love You Oh Thank You
06:04:49 하울,제이-사랑인가요
06:09:24 노블레스-음악이 싫어졌어
06:13:03 거미-어른아이
06:16:46 싸이-환희
06:20:13 가비엔제이-Happiness
06:24:03 SG워너비-내 사람
06:28:58 버즈-남자를 몰라
06:33:10 씨야-구두
06:37:18 빅뱅-거짓말
06:41:00 에픽하이-Love Love Love
06:44:50 SG워너비-사랑가
06:49:32 다이나믹듀오-출첵
06:53:25 리쌍-발레리노
06:57:48 먼데이키즈-새살
07:02:10 빅뱅-하루하루
07:06:26 MC몽-서커스
07:10:04 박효신-추억은 사랑을 닮아
07:15:31 SG워너비-라라라
07:20:07 빅뱅-마지막 인사
07:29:30 이루-까만안경
07:33:15 GOD-보통날
07:36:48 버즈-가시
07:40:45 다이나믹듀오-고백
07:44:31 서영은-웃는거야
편안한 음악 - 조정할 수 있는 : 너무 감사합니다. 70이 넘어 80을 바라보지만 좋은 음악 사랑하지않는다면 얼마나 이 삶이 삭막하겠습니까?얼마 나 살지 모르지만 죽는 순간까지 좋은 음악들어며 살아갈 겁니다
오이르르 : 와 진짜 듣자마자 타임머신 탄거처럼 저 시절로 돌아간거 같음!! 음악이 가진 추억회상이라는 향수는 정말 대단하네요! 감사합니다!
김현정 : 서른아홉.. 저때의 감성을 지금은 찾을수가 없다 진짜 그립다..
내 청춘, 내 젊음, 큰걱정없이 친구들과 낄낄거리던 그때 피씨방에서 투데이 확인하던 그때, 영원히 지나가지 않을줄 알았는데 진정 그립네..
김성태 : 세상에서 가장힘든건 몸은 늙는데 마음은 늙지않는다는거....
어느덧 40대중반....
싸이월드 그시절이 그립네......




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