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Dell R620 Overview - What You Need To Know

Dell PowerEdge R620 Overview - What You Need To Know

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Dell Servers

Dell PowerEdge R620 4-Bay Server

Dell PowerEdge R620 8-Bay Server

Dell PowerEdge R620 10-Bay Server

Intel ark Specifications Resource


Dell SAS SATA Solid State Drives

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NSG : Hello I was looking into learning machines where did you purchase the 10bay at?
Anthony Strohmayer : Ok so, years later the r620 is cheap on ebay. Mine is a 4 bay and I can buy an 8 bay backplane for 40$ but I also have to buy the front disk assembly too. Are the cables on the 4 and 8 bay backplanes the same? And why is it that Dell says the r620 is fully supported for windows server 2016 but about 20 components in my system have no drivers?
Its Me : I have the 10 bay one and I know a lot of people might think it's dumb but I run a lot of VMS but need windows for school so I use it as a desktop. I love all the power it has I have the 10 bay and running VMS is so nice. The only thing is no sound output. I'm taking various computer classes and was wondering if it's possible to add sound to one of the expansion slots? Not if it's smart or if I should just is it possible?
Matty Hudson : Wish the audio gain was increased during post...

Dell PowerEdge R620 Unboxing | Future VMware ESXi Server!

Finally purchased a server that I can call my own, so I could start building more awesome videos for you guys. Picked up the Dell PowerEdge R620. The PowerEdge R620 will be configured with VMware EXSi on a later video. Plus, we will go over how to configure the RAID too. Stay tune and be safe.

0:00 Introduction
1:20 Dell PowerEdge R620 Plans
1:36 Dell PowerEdge R620 Unboxing
1:56 What's inside the box?
3:08 Dell PowerEdge R620 Specs
4:05 Dell PowerEdge R620 Ports and Connections
5:58 Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor Hook Up
6:13 Power Up Dell PowerEdge R620
6:37 Dell PowerEdge R620 System Boot Menu
6:54 Dell PowerEdge R620 Boot Mode
7:52 Conclusion

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Manisha S : Thanks so much for creating your channel. Love your videos because they actually help people learn. Love you and hope your family is safe and healthy!
Friedrich Linder : Love your videos and especially this one. Have ordered the same machine. Thank you!!!
rrorge : I've just bought 4 of them refurbished, for work, they are wonderful but a bit loud for a home lab, I bought a r520 for a home lab, a lot quieter (can't take quite as much ram and the processor is the e5-24xx series of processors as opposed to the e5-26xx series)
Mister West : That is one of the best 1U servers Dell has out there. Looks like the RAID card will need to be plugged in firmly since they are notorious for coming loose during shipping. You should see the Dell RAID controller option in POST. I did not see that in the video. Once you plug that in firmly, hit CTRL+R and set the RAID. Congratulations on your new server. Love your videos.
Outburs CSGO : Do you have a date planned for the next video? I recently purchased the exact same model(lower specs) and would love to follow along.

Dell R620 - adding an SSD Drive and installing Windows Server 2019

CD SSD Caddie:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MRI8YFN?psc=1\u0026ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details

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Thanks for watching! I hope you all enjoy...

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Art of Server : The P400 will definitely work. If you want to fit the card you showed, you can remove that fan/cooler and add a large heat sink on the gpu chip and let the server fans cool it.

Thanks for the video
Richard Fuller : You can prevent the computer from automatically joining the domain in WDS. There is a checkbox for this on the "Client" tab of the properties screen of the WDS server.
Sean M : On the R720 dvd drive you can unscrew that little block lever on the back to prevent drive from coming out and refit itmto new drive bay, i thought it would be the same on the R620.
NingYang Wang : Thank you sir ! good job!
Tony Perez : Thank you for the video. excuse my ignorance, how do you connect remotly to the initial setup?




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