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Newegg TV: SAMSUNG CLX Series CLX-3185FW MFC Color Wireless Laser Printer Overview\r
28-112-239 \r
Here we have a CLX-3185FW MFC Color Wireless Laser Printer, made by SAMSUNG . Check out the video for more info!\r
Whether you're printing out a presentation for that big meeting or scanning a few favorite photos to send to family members, the versatile 4-in-1 Samsung CLX-3185FW printer lets you do it all. And do it with absolute convenience. Take the ultra-handy One Touch Wi-Fi Setting that quickly and simply connects you to your Wi-Fi network. Just one quick touch - no manual configurations or complicated passcodes. This liberating convenience is matched by impressive, high quality color printing with up to 2400 x 600 dpi. All this convenience and power, yet the compact CLX-3185FW fits easily almost anywhere. \r
SAMSUNG CLX Series CLX-3185FW MFC / All-In-One Up to 17 ppm 2400 x 600 dpi Color Wireless Laser Printer \r
@Newegg: \r
- Credits -\r
Director: Lam\r
Camera: Danny\r
Post-Production: Kyle\r
Presenter: Kyle
Axel Chazulle : @TheGreatDefective

No, almost no one complained about Paul. He was very good from the beginning. He does deserve a break, though.

Funny thing is, looks like he's back already.
G00DFe77a : Wish I had something like this.
MeisterDonDon : Really? Scanner glass and scanner lid? Why not just say scanner...
Duke Togo : you should specify in videos of products with software/drivers to what extend it's necessary, and for what OSs it works
William Pfeffer : why is everyone so butt hurt that paul is not doing EVERY SINGLE Newegg video? And why do people just love to make fun of the people making videos for newegg? Oh, its because nobody knows who you are and you can make fun of people without anybody physically confronting you...grow up kids.

Easy Fix For Dirty Prints on Samsung Printers By Cleaning or Replacing the Transfer Belt

If you have 'dirty prints', extra carbon on the paper, you likely have a dirty Transfer Belt. This video shows how to easily disassemble a Samsung C460 printer and clean the belt. This is the same process for all modern Samsung Printers and LP-360, CLP-365, CLX-3300, CLX-3305, SL-C410W, SL-C430, SL-C460, SL-C480, Xpress C460, Xpress SL-C460 use the same transfer belt.
Tim De Meyer : Thank you very much. In my case, the foam roller (1:10) was dirty, not the belt. But your video set me up for tinkering and experimenting. Thanks!
neoqueto : Well I took apart my printer, following your instructions, which I must say are very good, clear and straight to the point and also apply to the C480W (although the little ribbon cable was a bitch) and what do you know there was a FUCKING PAGE JAMMED IN THERE, AN ENTIRE PAGE, UNDETECTED. I printed like a 100 pages with it there! Thanks for the tutorial. The transfer belt needed cleaning too.
Mistah Miaou : Thank you
WAYNENYC100 : It was a little messy, But it worked great. Thank you so much. I was getting a green tint mixed in with the other colors. The transfer belt was indeed dirty. I'd advise others to do it outdoors if possible. I used microfiber cloths and an air can to blow it out. That's why I did it outdoors. I ran it a few times now and it stays clean so far.
Angelo Oliveira : AMAZING!!! THANKS FOR THIS!!!!

Samsung clx 3185fw service

The automatic document feeder does not work so we can't scan or copy packets of documents anymore.

Samsung service has sent us a repairman 3 times, replacing the same auto feeder part to no avail.

Rather than saving time and energy by replacing the machine, Samsung has insisted on making the customer wait while each component is tested, delivered, and replaced individually.

How this saves time and money, I do not know. We are still waiting for a fully working machine.
Kevin Roos : WTF I Have the same problem with the feeder and an error in jam..
Evans Dogbe : WTF did I just watch, why can't you do a regular video like everyone else to see how the fuck to clean the printer, dumass




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