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BasicTutorial // Flash pro 8 || Basic stick look and animation

You wanna learn to draw and animate basic stickfigures?
Then watch this little tutorial I did. If the video goes to fast for you, just watch the parts again :)

I'm drawing with a wacom intous 5 tablet for smoother lines.

(it's my fist tutorial and I know there are some mistakes...lol)

If you got a request or questions about stuff...
Ask me, I'll help you or make a tut! :D

Comment, rate and subscribe :)
Thanks, BasicTutorial
Fxfrank TGA : This video is almost 10 years old, and I know people will come here when trying to learn how to animate. Animating isn't an easy thing. It takes a whole lot of patience and practice. No one was perfecr overnight. So never give up.
pkphantom : You probably missed a couple of the steps; draw the first stick, create the second layer, click that layer, select where in the timeline you want the animation to begin(he chose around 15 or 20), click your chosen layer again, activate the onion skin option, then bam you're animating. Use F7 to change from one completed frame to work on the next, and because of the onion option being activated, you'll get the afterimages to guide your work. It's all here man xD anyway, good luck man!
Killahsnail : if the stick isn't moving you can add multiple frames with selecting the keyframe and pressing F5 so you don't have to redraw it every frame.
ShunHasFun : Wow that 10 parts of Stick body REALLY helped me! I'm making one animation now and I might soon post it too, thanks man :D
barcher513 : After a solid 45 minutes of pausing and correcting, I FINALLY ANIMATED something 2D!!! Thank you so much!

Macromedia Flash 8 basic tutorial

These video tutorials are designed to help and guide students who are new to Flash using step by step instructions as a review guide and resource.
If you want any additional help please leave a comment below and I will get back to you asap. I hope you find these tutorials helpful.
MBOKA NA BISO MOKO-VISION : Oh, i feel like crying here, i started learning animate when it was still called Macromedia flash, i fell in love with this software because as an illustrator, it was really something i was looking for, i wanted to make cartoon, yep, cartoon, see my drawing move, i am so amazed to look back and see how much this software has changed and today it's called animate cc, well, adobe needs to put more focus on it, for a while adobe was not paying attention much on this software, especially since adobe bought it from Macromedia, i almost moved to different software but i was still patient enough to stay with flash, i have seen many flash animators moved to toon boom, well, i tried toon boom though, great software, but i was not feeling comfortable, i was not feeling at home, it got the same basics just like flash, i could see that toon boom creator was inspired by flash and added so many features to help animators, but i was very faithful to flash, lol, i am glad today adobe started giving flash more attention now, for many years they improved after effect, premiere pro etc...but adobe flash was not much improved which left many animators wondering...all i can say is that adobe needs to look at toon boom sometimes and add some cool features that toonboom has, i know that technically it's not easy to add features but it's possible, i still love many features from animate that i don't like in toonboom.
Erwan Aguilar : very educational and easy to learn and understand especially the beginners...
thank for you for this!
Gilda Okubata : Nice! but I have a challenge while creating the ball; you said we should select the fill colour and click the part we want to fill but when I did mine, the whole ball was filled with the colour. Please, what can be wrong?
MIKULARTS : I started learning animation with macromedia flash before adobe buys it and makes it adobe flash, and today adobe animate cc, such a cool software for 2D animation
seema sharma : It's the best tutorial ever! A person who has just opened flash can become a expert by seeing this.


Membuat cerita dengan macromedia dengan memanfaatkan fungsi button pada macromedia flash
Musdin Official : Salut buat para pembuat animasi...ternyata gak gampang buatnya...butuh kesabaran...sukses sllu bang
Mudmainnah Zein Soheh : Mau tanya kak, gimana cara transisi dari background 1 ke 2 ya? Jadi mau pindah tempat gitu latarnya. Terima kasih
kurniawanhadi prasetyo : kak mau tanya untuk merubah size gambar yang sudah diimport bagaimana ya?
RANDOM Fish : lebih hidup lagi kalo dalam satu simbol kancil kakinya bisa di gerakin , terus pake action bikin jalur mengikuti jalan . pasti keren
siti mushoffah : Kak gimana cara menghilangkan background gambar seperti kancil dan kerbau yang hendak dimasukkan ke flash, Krn biasanya kalo download itu kan mesti ada backgroundnya, terima kasih




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