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Chausson C514 Flash Ford 2019 Motorhome 5,99 m

First look at Chausson C514 Flash Ford 2019 motorhome at Lindströms Husbilar \u0026 Husvagnar in Enköping in Sweden. This motorhome is 599 cm long, 235 cm wide and 292 cm high.
Price 585 000 SEK (53 000 euro).
Lynne Lynne : Chausson always delivers quality made RV designs with tasteful/chic interior's.
Chris Borg Motorhome : Yes, they make some nice motorhomes

Overcab motorhome from Chausson : C514

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This EUR51.5k motorhome from Chausson looks as though it belongs in the 1980s from the outside. It has a number of novelties found in Trigano products such as the 'easy bed' and other curiousiities.
Roy Eirik Andreassen : These cars are well priced, interesting solutions to some of them. There is no WOW when you see the decor, you get what you pay for, they are hardly insulated for my use in Norway, but for summer in Europe these are good for the price you pay. Cars for those who do not want to spend too much money on motorhome
Lynne Lynne : Hi Alan,, it's been awhile I know.:) Missed Ya,, and hope you are doing well!! I had projects lined up that needed my attention, and they are easier and faster to complete without interruptions of notifications of what I am missing. lol I am currently playing almost a year's worth of catch-ups on your vids..since I am home bound until at least May,1st. I am starting with your most current video review..:)
1. Chausson,, which you know I have always been a fan of,, outside of the bathroom,, WTH was that? Unattractive interior decor, design and Layouts with wasted space galore.
2. This is for a larger family. Interior color choices are still bland and a tad depressing but the front lounge is spacious.
3. Eek
4. E-gads
5. LOL What Joker's designed these Coaches,,one of our American RV comps?
Off to view your other Vid's. XD

AkMorf : Good video man. Thanks for trying to show more vans.
Zoltan Szabatin : Looks good to me ☮️✌️
Mark C Littler : Certainly seem to be competitively priced, asking those prices for many camper vans.

C514 Fiat 500 Fiat Punto Fiat Panda Ford KA Alfa Mito Schaltgetriebe Getriebe zerlegen

Getriebe zerlegen C514

Gaston Videla : Hello, I have a fiat car 96 year and it happens that I get locked in second gear. What I did was in the selector unlock it, but in the running of the days it was again trancard when putting reverse, because you would lean you that it could be? as you possibly disassemble the box by watching your video. Thank you, I'll see you later.
Diary of ENCOEL : Hi , do you have a video of putting it back together? Thanks
Roznovanu Ioan : at the min 00:56 what gear is that pinions /gears?
Gaston Videla : Fiar cinquecento it is
Mai Cars : Hi, don't be angry with me, but i am overhauling the gears and just want to show the damage and no instructions. If you need help with this, I can help you, write me an email at info@maicars.de




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