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Bosch GEX125-1AE Random Orbit Palm Sander | Toolstop Demo

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Eric Streuli once again takes us through, in detail, the features of this Random Orbit Palm Sander from the Bosch Professional range, the Bosch GEX125-1AE Random Orbit Palm Sander.

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Samir Samir : Amazing video you people are doing great work, just bought it and benefited a lot from your valuable feedback thanks
Raj : What is the model of the vaccum hose attachment adaptor.
Gim Bolwari : I bought this since I need to do work on my outdoor chair. I'm so excited I ordered online today I received it & I'm so happy that it works perfectly.
Abhimonnu Biswas : I Purchased this Sander from my nearest bosch dealer and its a amazing product and i love it and after sanding
with 120 grit sand paper on my new window,door e.t.c. with this machine, i am really speechless with the result    
Nocny Marek300 : Could you please compare vibration level to GEX 125-150 AVE?
Bosch claim special vibration damping system they used in that model.

[리메이커] 보쉬원형샌딩기 GEX125-1AE BOSCH Random Orbit Sander 샌더

보쉬원형샌딩기 GEX125-1AE 입니다.
개봉부터 간단한 사용영상 까지 담았습니다.
도움이되셨다면 구독과 좋아요 부탁드립니다.

▼▼ 제품구매 (쿠팡) ▼▼
- 보쉬 원형샌더 GEX125-1AE :
young woon park : 이제품 진동 기능이 있는건지 엄청 진동이 심하던데 혹시 진동 없애고 그냥 도는 기능이 있을까요???
정영훈 : 잘보고있습니다.
Ezequiel Chavez :
LeeMaker 리메이커 : 시청해주셔서 감사합니다.
더 좋은영상 만들겠습니다.

BOSCH 吸じんランダムアクションサンダー(GEX125-1AE)を実際に使ってレビュー


BOSCH 吸じんランダムアクションサンダー GEX125-1AE 製品情報

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