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25,430원 기계식키보드 COX CK600 교체축 LED 게이밍 옐로우, 청축

진크리스탈 : 저는 이 키보드 있습니다 아주 소리가 매력이죠
승한 : 구매링크 주시면안될까요?ㅜ


哈喽 大家好

Cooler Master CK600 Series with CHERRY MX Low Profile @ Computex 2018

The keyboards of Cooler Master's CK600 series will feature our brandnew CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB Red switches combined with a clean design and low weight. Singing Tsou, Product Line Manager at Cooler Master, explains all other features this keyboards have to offer as well as the advantages of using MX Low Profile RGB keyswitches.

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Rolfathan : I know I may be sounding picky, but at the same time I know the people are Cooler Master are really good at listening to feedback. Would love to see a version where only the key be backlit and the light not bleed out the sides. Other than that, I absolutely love the simple design of the keyboard.

Props to you, Cherry, for finally doing a low-profile for people like me who prefer that feeling/form-factor.
ImpiantoFacile : If you make an MX Blue or Green version of that switch, I'm buying it.
DeepSpaceJanitor : This keyboard will never make it to market because it is such an ideal keyboard. We see this time and time again. (Please, please prove me wrong, cuz I'd like to buy it.)
полковник Заболотный : it has a key travel 3,2mm, Bloody b740a(not low profile) has a key travel 3mm. The question is - which one is more low profile ? :)
HomerJ666 : if there's gonna be a blue switch version, thats my next keyboard.




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