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Finally Finishing My Workshop! - Miter Station and Cabinets

This has been a long time coming. After getting the drywall up we kinda just skipped over the last step. For the past year we have been using this space without really finishing it off. Tools were scattered around making things less efficient and organized. Finally I bit the bullet and started coming up with the cabinet layout and miter station design.

Blog Post:

Shop Husky Tools:
Husky Cabinets:
Rolling Tool Cabinet:
Hex Key Set:
6 in 1 Pliers:

DAP Contact Cement:
DAP DynaGrip HD Max:
DAP Wood Glue:
DAP Premium Wood Filler:
731 Woodworks : Nice work! Looks great.
Bucket of Steam : As someone building their own shop on the side after my 9-5, i can tell how much time and effort it took to get to where you're at. Way to go brother, you're killin it. Even got a model to show up and help!
Jay Ray's DIY : the shop looks great! I’d like to see the dust collection when you add it
BusyDadsWorkshop : Beautiful work once again! Love the work space!
TheTranq : Looks good. I would have gone with Baltic birch for the counters as I’ve had too much trouble with MDF and moisture. Looks like dust collection is next!

Workshop Design - 5 Keys to a Small Shop Layout | Woodworking

This is my workshop design tutorial on how to layout a small shop or any shop. My garage shop design works well for a variety of different types of projects of various sizes and shapes. If you follow this guide, you can layout your workshop or garage shop with confidence and maximizing your shop efficiency and flow.

I've found that my favorite ways to organize things in my shop is by designing my own shop furniture! Check out my plans here:

00:00 Workshop Design Summary
00:35 Shop Layout with Graph paper
02:53 Design around your material flow
04:37 Keep things mobile
05:55 Plan for future growth
07:20 Utilize dead space
08:05 Store hand tools where they will be used
09:04 Bonus Tip!!
10:30 Woodworking wisdom!

Tools used in my shop:
Ridgid Spindle Sander:
Ridgid Router 2.5hp
Husky 30gal Air Compressor:
Dewalt 13in Thickness Planer:
Worksharp 3000:
Dewalt 12" Sliding Compound Miter Saw:
Jet Jointer JJ-6CSX:
Jet Mortiser:
Dewalt 20V Drill Driver Combo:
Dewalt Random Orbital Sander:
Hegner Multi Max 18 Scroll Saw:
Portable Belt Sander:
2hp Dust Collector:
Workshop Vac:
Polyurethane mallet:
Ridgid 12V Drill Driver Combo:
Hudson Shop Apron:

Also check out my social media pages:


My name is Jared. I am an engineer by day and a woodworker by night... usually after the kids are in bed and before the neighbors call the cops!

This channel is about all things woodworking. I do project build videos, how-to videos, shop setup and shop layout videos, tip \u0026 tricks, and tool reviews of the stuff I'm using. I will also show you how I organize and work in my small shop in 1 bay of my garage. If you want to improve your woodworking and get inspired with some creative projects and innovative designs, come join me as a fellow evening woodworker and let's go make some sawdust!

Now go build something!

#shoptour #woodworking #workshopdesign
William buckley : This is an extremely good video, you have done well with it. These are things I think about a lot and you have been most helpful, so thanks for taking the time to do this. Looking forward to your next video. Regards, (Bill from Australia).
Chad Kinney : Fantastic video. I’m just getting into wood working and I’m building a shop from scratch so I’ve been obsessively watching best practice videos for shop layouts. This was the best one I’ve seen so far. Great thought put into it and well made video. Thank you for doing this! You’re making it easier for a noob like me to get started!
Dan Powell : Great tips! There are plenty of free, web based, CAD programs (I like onshape) that are also great for layout. Tip: create a layer or sketch for the permanent stuff then a layer/sketch for each major component. Basically a digital version of the paper method shown. I can then overlay my dust collection and power lines to figure that out as well.
Phillip Perez : I love a well-organized video. Kudos to you for putting out a great video! I look forward to watching your other videos.
Outer Banks Productions Haber : Amazing video! Great job! I just made 4 wheel set ups for many of my larger tools.

Amazing Stove Making at a Roadside Workshop

A Roadside Workshop Man Build an Amazing Gas Stoves
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Felix Cat : Every movement precise, no wasted energy, the mark of a highly experienced craftsman.
Rapid_Trojan 444 : This has put me on the happy list seeing this gentleman still doing handcrafted work that 75% of this generation will never know what that is. Much respect and very well impressed from USA !!
WAGON M. A. : Esse senhor tem muita habilidade de manipular as ferramentas, e também tem muita força. Parabéns pelo vídeo. Parabéns ao profissional na arte de trabalhar com ferros.
Victory First : This guy is just amazing. The use of hand tools is second to none. True Craftsman.
craig staggs : Never have I seen anything so well made without the need for expensive tooling..... That fella knows a great deal about working with metal and his hand tool skills are superb .




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