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Unlock Samsung Galaxy S 2 Free

Find out how to Root and Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S II for free

With it's 4.3-inch Super AMOLED screen, ultra-sim body and fast dual-core processor, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been a deserved hit for Samsung and is arguably the most successful high-end Android smartphone on the market.

In this video we show you how two quick and easy ways to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S2 using apps, so you can start using giffgaff's services.

To take advantage of giffgaff's sim-only offering you need to unlock your mobile phone, but what is unlocking? In this video we're taking a look at the basics and legalities of unlocking.

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Lite_Bendr : Wow, thank so much! Worked like a charm the first time on my Galaxy S2 LTE.
Petrika Strepi : Thanks, it works great for me ;)
Asif Al Azad : wow. this is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
Rakesh Paidipati : the second method was really useful it worked on my uk phone locked to 3 ... thanks man

갤럭시 S2 3G 3사 통신사 (SK, KT, LG) 부팅영상

갤럭시 S2 3사 통신사 SK텔레콤, KT, LG 유플러스 부팅영상입니다.

SK : SHW-M250S
KT : SHW-M250K
LG : SHW-M250L

SK.KT와 다르게 LG는 다른 통신방식으로 인해, SK,KT랑 거의 다른 내부구조로 제작되었으며, 그로 인해 후면 디자인도 SK와 KT모델과는 달랐던 문제가 있었습니다.
정Glen : 1st: SK Telecom
2nd: LG U+
3rd: KT
korea sans : 1등: sk telecom
2등: lg u+
꼴등: kt

Genuine Samsung Galaxy S2 Flip Cover

Introducing the official Samsung Galaxy S2 Flip Cover, the slimmest flip-style case available for the Galaxy S2. Featuring a bumper-style back cover that maintains access to the battery, memory card and SIM card, with the Samsung Flip Cover you'll never need to remove your case again!\r
Available now at Mobile Fun:\r
N P : Why do most covers flip down? I want a cover that flips up! This cover looks good though.
Darling Regala : hi Sir, do you do delivery of this item in Philippines...I've been waiting for this case for months already :)
jgenius07 : thats a cool case...thumbs up !!!
4x4 bassline mix cd : how is your galaxy screen so nice? how do you do it?
easybella : Does it work with the 2000mah Battery by samsung?




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