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Nyan's LEWD head movement...

here we go again
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A Necromancer's Time In Need ‍♀️ (Lewd Skyrim ASMR){NOT FOR KIDS}

Hey everyone! Thank you for sticking around while I was sick and joining my discord!! I appreciate! Let me know if the audio mixing is bad. This is my first time with music + ASMR so bare with me! Make sure to check out all my links if you are interested in supporting the channel and helping this lewd community. This video was slightly delayed because while I was waiting for it to render, I fell asleep :p

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Music: Silent Footsteps - Skyrim
Photo Source: idk lol google I guess?

Beat Bizarre - Lewd [Full Album / 2021 Remaster]

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Beat Bizarre - Lewd, Released 2021-07-09, Iboga Records, IBOGADIGITAL700

Rene \u0026 Martin met in the mid nineties, when they were both were part of a Copenhagen based party-organiser-team called ROTUNDUM.
Both in love with the deep dark and slow tunes played in the morning at their parties, they also very much loved the twisted psychedelic goa-trance sounds that housed the night.
So when they decided to join musical forces in '98, it was a mixture of those two genres that ultimately led to the uniquely characteristic Beat Bizarre sound - not knowing that this new fusion was about to start a movement later known as "Progressive Trance".
This unique sound spoke to people from all over the world - so when LEWD was released in 2001 as the second album release from Iboga, it was an instant success, giving Rene \u0026 Martin the opportunity to travel the world with their Beat Bizarre project and play at some of the greatest parties ever made!
The timeless sound of the LEWD album gives it a fresh feel to this day, and makes it a welcome addition on any psychedelic dance floors. The remastered sound gives this impactful album a newly polished finish, paying homage to its timeless place in the heart of progressive psytrance lovers, while also introducing the unique Beat Bizarre sound to a new generation of listeners.

0:00:00 Beat Bizarre - Pony Sauce
0:09:00 Beat Bizarre - Monochrome
00:18:52 Beat Bizarre - Brain Drain Remix
00:28:37 Beat Bizarre - Depth Pitch
00:36:47 Beat Bizarre - The New Breed
00:46:42 Beat Bizarre - Error
00:55:35 Beat Bizarre - Funk Fluid
01:04:49 Beat Bizarre - Momentum
01:14:00 Beat Bizarre \u0026 Alhad - Sore
01:23:46 Beat Bizarre - Get Down
01:32:22 Beat Bizarre - Monochrome (Alternative Version)
01:42:24 Beat Bizarre - Brain Drain
01:51:31 Beat Bizarre - Deep Disco Profile
02:01:05 Beat Bizarre - Hallugrabber
02:11:04 Beat Bizarre - Pop the Question
02:20:07 Martian - Liquid Structure

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