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Learn to Fit with Melissa Watson: McCall's M6989 Dress

In her three-part Learn to Fit video series Melissa Watson, McCall's designer and certified sewing instructor, uses the Palmer/Pletsch Tissue Fit method to show you how to successfully achieve a perfect fit with all of your patterns. This video addresses princess seams for a great fit in the bodice area using McCall's pattern M6989 designed by Melissa Watson.

-- Chapters --
00:14 - Part 1: Introduction to tissue fitting/Palmer Pletsch Fitting Method
00:57 - Part 2: Choosing your size in sewing patterns
02:19 - Part 3: Preparing your pattern for tissue fitting
07:10 - Part 4: Tissue fitting
13:31 - Part 5: Altering your pattern to fit
29:56 - Part 6: Second tissue fitting
31:52 - Part 7: Fabric fitting
33:17 - Part 8: Final reveal, custom fit and custom design

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Bespoke Suit Fitting with Joe Hemrajani from MyTailor

Kirby Allison and Joe Hemrajani, of MyTailor, conduct the first fitting of a new bespoke suit. Based in Southern California, but travelling worldwide for fittings, Joe Hemrajani first began making shirts for Kirby almost 8 years ago. After a successful first suit, Which Kirby is wearing in this video, Joe is back to create another beautiful suit for Kirby, this time in a dark charcoal grey.

Watch as Joe takes Kirby through the process of having a first fitting with a trial garment, working through the measurements and adjustments.

Get in touch with MyTailor:
: @mytailor

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Hashtags: #KirbyAllison #MyTailor #Bespoke
Robert Hacker : 8:30
Joey: "Ross, tell Chandler this is how they measure suits."
Spicy Chorizo : Dude in the white is obnoxious af
Acid Burn : Slightly
Lucas G : why is no one talking about the dump truck ass kirby has
Leonie Rushton : 5:14 he THICC

Emil Fusaro - Tailor - The Fitting

Emil Fusaro is a master tailor in Hamilton, Ontario. In this video he does a detailed fitting for a custom three-piece suit. You can reach him at 1-905-522-9113. 84 John Street South, Hamilton, Ontario.
Veronica Mills : He is so thougrough I bet his suits are superb
the exceptional eGYPTIAN : Wayne "hollowback" MacPhail
jordan duffi : I'm curious... The man's voice sounds Jewish am I wrong?
Alpha Centauri : 6:16 some ASMR effect
jtbam : Join to the club, we make jacket for stoop-ped person. You are erect.




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