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[차바쿠TV] 람보르기니 무르시엘라고 LP640 (lamborghini murcielago lp640)

안녕하십니까? 차바쿠TV 차타쿠 지미입니다~

말이 필요할까요?

람보르기니 무르시엘라고 LP640입니다~

그냥 주행영상이니 아무런 말도 내용도 없습니다~

저랑함께 드라이드 시작하시죠!


차바쿠 협찬 및 문의는 인스타그램 DM과 이메일로^^

차바쿠 인스타그램

차바쿠 이메일주소

출연: 람보르기니 무르시엘라고 LP640
촬영: 지미
편집: 지미

#람보르기니 #무르시엘라고 #LP640
밥친구 : 크...오진다 ...
쇠 : 여주쪽 오신적잇으신가요? 몇번봣는디!
노랑 무르시
Bori Gulbi : 다운쉬프트 소리가 ㄹㅇ 황소네;
노어캐했 : 미쳣네 ㅋㅋㅋ
김진성 : 요즘 차바쿠님 영상 퀄리티가 점점 좋아지네요! 더많은 asmr 부탁드려요~

Lamborghini LP640 vs Ferrari 360 | Modern Classic Life

I've now owned my Ferrari 360 Modena for 3 years and fellow YouTuber Paul from Supercars of London has owned his Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 for 2 years, but the two cars have never met, until now!

The Ferrari 360 is a two-seater, mid-engine, rear wheel drive sports car manufactured by Italian automotive manufacturer Ferrari from 1999 to 2005. It succeeded the Ferrari F355 and was replaced by the Ferrari F430 in 2005. Ferrari partnered with Alcoa to produce an entirely new all-aluminium space-frame chassis that was 40% stiffer than its predecessor's which had utilized steel. The design was 28% lighter despite a 10% increase in overall dimensions. Along with a lightweight frame the new Pininfarina body styling deviated from traditions of the previous decade's sharp angles and flip-up headlights. The new V8 engine utilises a 3.6-litre capacity, a flat-plane crankshaft, and titanium connecting rods. The engine generates a power output of 400 PS (294 kW; 395 hp).

The first model to be produced was the 360 Modena, followed later by the 360 Spider and a special edition, the Challenge Stradale. There were 8,800 Modenas and 7,565 Spiders produced worldwide. Of those numbers, there were only 469 Modenas and 670 Spiders that were produced with a gated 6-speed manual transmission as opposed to the "F1" single-clutch automated manual transmission.

The Lamborghini Murciélago was produced by Lamborghini between 2001 and 2009. In 2006, Lamborghini unveiled an updated version of its halo car at the Geneva Motor Show: the Murciélago LP 640. With displacement now increased to 6.5 litres, the engine was rated at 640 PS (471 kW; 631 hp) at 8,000 rpm. The exterior received a noticeable facelift, featuring revised front and rear fascias, and asymmetrical side air intakes, with the left side intake feeding an oil cooler. A new single outlet exhaust system incorporated into the rear diffuser, modified suspension system, revised programming, and upgraded clutch for the 6-speed "e-Gear" automated manual transmission with launch control rounded out the performance modifications. Interior seating was also re-configured in order to provide greater headroom.

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Moss : The Merci is cooler, but I'd much rather own the 360, I think it sounds better aswell.
Dino : Y'all need to do a roadtrip to Monaco again
Dino : I'll take a Murci LP640 over any Lambo today all day long. That has been my ultimate dream car since I was a lil kid
Carl's Mod's & Class : Sam you've just got blown out of the water by the raging bull
Be8 : STG's manual 360 Modena is one of the best YouTuber's cars out there. Sounds better than the Lamborghini too.

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 | SCD Member Rides

Meet SCD member Richard and find out about how he came to own this LP640 what it's like to live with and drive.


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#SupercarDriver #Lamborghini #SCDMemberRides
Hype Uprise : Stunning filming
Jing Yu Xu : If you ever hear rattling asides from the wheels going through bumps and stone chips it might be coming from the ventilation wings . Check out 11:46
MystikGaming : Subscribe to my channel so I can buy this dream car of mine one day!
Law19157 : But the seats face sideways, that's so weird
Ramses Rizal : Murcielago is better design than Aventador.




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